Ceiling Services

Drywall options for your ceilings are available. Lightweight panels are utilized to create a sturdy, yet beautiful look for any home or commercial space. Schmitty’s Drywall Ltd. makes sure that the appropriate materials are used, guaranteeing the polished look you want. Continue reading below to learn about spray text, flat ceilings, and more.

Spray Text

House With Brown Walls

Applying a spray texture to the surface of your drywall creates a unique style to match your décor. We make sure your drywall is properly prepped before applying the texture of your choice. Various techniques are available, and we’ll make sure we use the right one to give you the look you want.

Flat Ceiling

Flat Sloped Ceiling

If a textured surface is not what you’re going for, Schmitty’s Drywall Ltd. can help you achieve a perfectly smooth look. Flat, smooth ceilings create a high-end feel that goes well in any home or commercial space.

Knock Down / Drag Ceilings

Knock down drag ceiling

Knock down, or drag ceilings, are a beautiful, more subtle way to show texture on your drywall surfaces. As opposed to other texture strategies, knock down ceilings provide a less intense look for your home.

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